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Lion: Bead Work at the Cape Town Bazaar

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Some forty hours after leaving Montreal, I have arrived safely in beautiful Cape Town.

During my one day layover in London, Terry and Elaine Freedman visited with me at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We went to a fascinating exhibit called “Blood on Paper” which was an exploration of how language can be expressed in various multimodalities.

Terry was able to give me some advice on what to include in a principal’s toolkit we are preparing for a principals’ conference on ICT later in July in the townships of Cape Town. He promised to send me some good links (hint, hint, Terry!).

John Ehinger, a teacher from Winnipeg and one of my team members, caught up with me in Montreal and we spent the two flights getting to know each other a bit. Noble Kelly, our fearless team leader, met us in Cape Town. David Dallman, a teacher from Vancouver, flew in later in the morning

We spent the first day stocking supplies for ourselves in the guest house and spending time with each other while we recovered from jet lag. Later we went to the bazaar in the downtown area of Cape Town where I observed the fine art of bartering South African style!