Let’s Play Tag in the Blogosphere

Apparently, a game of tag is currently going on in the blogosphere – and I have been caught!

Chris Harbeck, a new friend from the K-12 Online Conference, has tagged a very unsuspecting me. I am embarrassed to say that I wasn’t even aware that I had been tagged until today (2 days later) AND it had to be pointed out to me by someone else…..

According to the rules, I am now supposed to share 5 things you may not know about me. And then, I am supposed to tag 5 other bloggers.

I will try not to bore you. Usually I am very conservative about how much I share about myself – including photos – but I am gradually becoming a little less shy about all that. I left out the fact that we have a hedgehog as a pet (does that count?).

    #1 – I love to sing.

Yup. Loudly too. And I’m not too bad. I even sang in the recent school staff production of “Guys and Dolls” last April. I sang for a few years as a teenager in a church youth chorale. My scariest moment in MY LIFE was not defending my thesis or presenting web 2.0 tools to my very critical colleagues – it was singing a solo in front of the entire body of high school students at last year’s Christmas assembly. I chose to sing “Santa Baby” – and, of course, I changed the lyrics – “Santa Baby, just slip a laptop under the tree for me….” and so on. The grade 10 boys actually gave me a standing ovation…. Many were disappointed when I chose to do the chipmunk’s version of “Jingle Bell Rock” this year.

    #2 – The rest of my family calls me “a freak of nature”.

Not just because I am the only blonde. 😉

I am the shortest by 8 inches in my family of giants. My baby sister is a statuesque 6 feet tall and has often been mistaken for a model (not so me!). Her oldest son, Josh, at 16 years, has finally stopped growing at 6 feet, 8 inches tall. Here is a pic of the three of us standing together. I am the … uh… short one.
Eight inches between them...

    #3 – I made an interesting career decision and stayed home with my young children for about ten years.

It was not a conscious decision at the time – our family was bumped around three different provinces over that ten-year period. Of course, I found other things to do outside the home – part-time teaching ESL and I spent many hours unwittingly honing my computer skills. Both of those pasttimes provided invaluable experience for the next stage of my teaching career.

    #4 – My first university degree was concentrated in medieval and Renaissance studies.

And now, most people just know me as a techie. I like to think that there are certain similarities between today’s culture shifts and the dramatic shifts from the “dark ages” to the medieval times and then again to the Renaissance era. Of course, these changes are greatly telescoped in today’s times. Greatly.

    #5 – My favourite medium is not digital, but H2O.

Of course, there are times when I wonder if I only think digitally. But truly, my favourite place to be is in a swimming pool. Maybe it is the fact that I am only able to get there twice a week that makes it so valuable to me. I love to thrash water. My best creative ideas have come to me when I have been in a swimming pool. Or when I have been doing my next favourite activity – speed-walking along the lake. On non-school days, I usually walk 5-6 kilometres and very fast, at that.

Okay, so now that you know that much about me…. time to play tag!

My five picks are Jen Wagner, Cheryl Oakes (both WOW2 friends), Chris Betcher (good on you!), Terry Freedman (let’s see how long before he notices), and my own daughter Meg (we’re now venturing into MySpace!).

This could get interesting!

Blessings to all as you enter into 2007!

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4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Tag in the Blogosphere

  1. Nice post Sharon. I love to sing too. I only do it for my students when I am trying to reinforce a point. Perhaps my voice will stay with them forever. Exercise and good ideas. Often my great ideas also come when exercising.

    Thanks for playing tag.


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