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Tomorrow is the big day – the day of my defense for my M.A. Thesis – Online collaborative learning for high school students in a blended environment for the promotion of self-monitoring skills. Yes, I am a little nervous and will be relieved when it is over….

Yesterday, wwwtoolsforteachers published its weekly webzine with the theme of …. Computer-Mediated Collaboration in Education! I highly recommend it and wish I had had access to some of its resources for my now-complete literature review.

Today I had a quick chat with a teacher in the US who is going to share her Elgg space with me as a walled garden for blogging for our students. When I have time later this week, I plan to create usernames and passwords for my students. It is my hope that this space can become a place where students from around the world can share their ideas about language and literature through their blogs. I have at least one teacher in Russia interested….

I had originally wanted to host my own Elgg environment on my server but this may turn out to be even better!

For this morning’s class with my gr. 9 English students, I shared with them the differences between moodle forums, blogs and wikis. I showed them examples of each and then had them watch netsmartz’s video Tracking Teresa. From there, we went over to Westwood’s students’ wiki about online safety. Tomorrow (when I am away at my defense) they will respond to some of my questions about what they viewed in a moodle forum area. Later I would like to pass on some of their reactions to Vicki Davis’ Westwood students.

Last night in our regular EdTechTalk skype conference the topic of online safety and DOPA was discussed again. One initiative that has been created to present a voice against the too-tight restrictions of the DOPA bill is a website called TRUST in Education – Teaching Responsible Use of Social Technology. It is only in its infancy but seems like an excellent idea for action by teachers against DOPA.

Back to my defense presentation….

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  1. I have been out of my classroom for two days but will be checking here for your feedback to my computer science students about their information. You may also post comments to them at their blog –

    I look forward to seeing what your thoughts are and if they are conducive to a two way discussion, I may use it for their question of the week on blogmeister. Thank you!

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