Blogging NAIS, conference proposals for NECC, and Coming of Age 2nd edition

Because I have just so much time on my hands what with it being the first week of school (and the rollout of the 1:1 programme at our school) and my thesis defence taking place sometime next week, I have been spending my abundant free time thinking about conference proposals for the NAIS Annual Conference and NECC 2007. Oh yeah, I also need to pull together a book review for the 2nd edition of Coming of Age: The New World Wide Web by next week.

Actually, I am getting just a little stressed by the thought of the defence and the review.

The submission date for conference proposals for the NAIS in Denver in February has long come and gone, but my headmaster wanted me to give it a go anyways. They were full up, but then I asked if they were blogging the conference and if they needed bloggers. The response I received was that they hadn’t thought of it, but it seemed like an idea worth pursuing. This gives me a strong suggestion that conference blogging really is beginning to go mainstream. Sure hope they get back to me with a thumbs up!

Today NECC 2007 opened up its requests for conference proposals. I have been approached by two terrific teachers who are also online collaborators to sit on a panel about online collaboration. Can’t wait for Atlanta next June!

One of the highlights of my summer was being approached by Terry Freedman, editor and front man of Coming of Age to be a contributing author to the second edition. I have been asked to write a review on Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. Wow, a pairing of two of my best reads of the summer – what could be better? And so I join the international group of thirty-seven or so other authors of the second edition of Coming of Age. It should be released in the new year, I’m told. I have also been told that as of about a month ago, the readership of the book was at something like 30,000. Wowsa! It is my plan to create a podcast of an interview with one of my students whom I had encouraged to read the book over the summer. He was reluctant to read it, but returned to school last week all smiles and raves about the book. It promises to be a good interview!

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2 thoughts on “Blogging NAIS, conference proposals for NECC, and Coming of Age 2nd edition

  1. That podcast sounds like it’s going to be great, Sharon. For the benefit of people reading this, I’m really pleased you acceptedthe invitation! The latest intended table of contents for the new edition is at, and the total number of authors is now around 44, about half off whom are women.

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