Sharing educational online videos about online safety and Internet research skills

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RSS feeds are wonderful things…. Into my aggregator I get wonderful blog postings regularly and even though I simply do not have the time to read all of them, those with catchy titles usually get a glance.

And so it was that I discovered a video on successful Internet research skills from Wesley Fryer’s blog tonight. It was the kind of resource that I had been looking for as we teach against plagiarism in these first few weeks of school. I shared in an earlier blog the videos available by Netsmartz on safe online use.

We use FirstClass as a communication server at our school, so I posted the following in the Teachers’ Resource area:

Dear colleagues,

As our students embark on the wonderful adventure of using laptops in the classroom, it is important that we provide them with appropriate education about online safety and web literacy/Internet research.

I discovered these great video resources from fellow educators’ blogs:

“Tracking Teresa” –

Netsmartz also provides other videos on cyberbullying and netiquette on the same page. I showed Tracking Teresa to one of my gr. 7 classes so far and it made quite an impact. Note that activity cards are provided with the videos.

“Mission Possible: Successful Internet Searches” – video about how to do research on the Internet using search engines and avoid plagiarism -

Note that teacher lesson plans and student worksheets are provided with this video as well.

Both videos are highly recommended!

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