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Today I had lunch with two of my ed. tech. peers from Concordia who have both just completed their respective theses. We met in beautiful Chamandy on the Richilieu River in a monastery that has been converted to a restaurant with the Chamandy beer theme. If you are Canadian, you will recognize the brewery. Great brew!

Patrick, one of my buddies, just started his own edublog and I love how he blends his two favourite activities…. A great match if you ask me!

The three of us have been getting together every few weeks, less as a post mortem to the graduate life experience and more to share in conversations on how to put our skill sets together in our workplaces and educational practices. Yes, we indulge in commiserating on how misunderstood and underappreciated we are from time to time by our work colleagues, but we also share best practices and philosophies about teaching. I am hoping both of them will soon check out EdTechTalk for more mutual support and inspiration. The three of us are now considering starting an educational consultancy – we will see how that works out over the next few months.

Dave Cormier (of EdTechTalk fame) popped up in my skype later and gave me a hand sorting out my moodle and elgg woes. The news about last year’s moodle was not good, but there is still hope for the elgg site. In the meantime I had set up a new moodle site and a drupal site. I may not use the drupal site with my students, however, because it does not provide a “walled garden” for my young students. So I will try to install elgg again with Dave’s advice. Thanks Dave!

Once again, Vicky Davis posted great news on her blog about an upcoming online k12 conference featuring web 2.0 tools. My mind is already racing with ideas for conference proposals! Pass on the news and make plans to be there!

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  1. Actually my dear Sharon, the building was a sewing company for quite a while in the late 1800’s, early 1900’s and before that, rumor has it that it was a protestant church.

    Thanks for the link!

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