Interesting webcasts from Downes and Warlick

As an interesting diversion to the thesis-writing I am now attempting, I have recently been viewing two webcasts – not light stuff!

David Warlick’s presentation on “Telling the New Story” at NECC was videotaped and is now available as a webcast. I have gone through it twice now and still scratching the surface of some of his ideas of the literacy in the twenty-first century and how to teach in the twenty-first century. Some of his material was not new to me (his coverage of Friedman is great and always relevant), but the idea about the “long tail” was new and interesting. I think I have heard it referred to recently but did not understand the context. Now I get it!

Stephen Downes’ now has an audiocast, E-Learning 2.0: The New Tools with PowerPoint slides available – not for the faint of heart! It is approaching two hours in length (be prepared!) and as someone else has already pointed out, could be a whole course on its own. It is very up-to-date for those who want to stay relevant concerning web 2.0 tools.

The phenomena of webtops and personal learning environments were new terms for me and I want to explore these terms more carefully. I wonder how personal learning environments are different from the term knowledge management system. I need to visit that PLE blog in earnest to understand.

Both webcasts (and I use the term loosely) will certainly have me thinking and connecting for days to come. Summer is a great time for teachers to incubate new ideas….

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2 thoughts on “Interesting webcasts from Downes and Warlick

  1. Sara Iatauro says:

    Dear Sharon,

    I belive that the world of technology moves so rapidly that one can become out dated very quickly. The fact that you can master the web and the power it has to offer is so rare. You expertise are rare, unique and an asset to many teacher and students. There are so many other institutions who would benefit from your expertise. Keep looking and working. In the end it is all about the teacher and the students growth that counts.

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