Laptop Institute 2006 – Watching the wiki from afar

I had a really tough decision to make a few months ago. My school generously sends staff members to one “big” conference each year for professional development. Should I return to Memphis for the Laptop Institute Conference which I had raved about all year? Or do I check out the really big one, NECC, in San Diego this year? While I have no regrets about my visit to NECC – a great conference with fantastic networking opportunities, I am feeling a bit left out as I watch the blogs and wiki entries pop up this week from Memphis. The Laptop conference started in earnest yesterday and already the notes I am reading are making me drool.

David Warlick, a visionary and pioneer in educational technology, brilliantly created a wiki for all the notes that are being taken by the conference attendees. I discovered this yesterday as I was cruising through Jennifer Wagner’s technospud blog – thanks for sharing Jen! David, I do hope that I have a chance to meet you someday (came so close in San Diego!) – you gotta come on up to Montréal sometime!

I blogged last year’s Laptop Institute conference and it was an enriching experience – my first attempt at covering such an event. It became an artifact that I could return to again and again as well as share with others. To all of you blogging and adding wiki entries at Laptop this year, thanks so much for your insights! It is being appreciated! Have fun in Memphis!

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2 thoughts on “Laptop Institute 2006 – Watching the wiki from afar

  1. Wish you were here.

    It has been a good conference — lots of energy and shared information. But also — A LOT hotter than last year. A LOT.

    Today is the last day — I am presenting InspireData in a small room. Yesterday, I was in the BIG keynote room to teach Inspiration — and I was pleased with attendance.

    Let’s talk about next year and laptop — team teach??


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