NECC Workshop: Show Me the Tools (Speed Learning)

Some funky tools highlighted in this session:

Projects Registry for Global SchoolNet  – where to find collaborative partners. I will certainly be posting my projects there as soon as I can!
Free email with no ads and no banners – a great easy email to give students if they need an email address in a jiffy – 

Online bookmark organizer that permits shared folders – great for collaborative projects! BackFlip

A truly funky online photo- and video-sharing utility that permits collaborative sharing – I liked the way it provides the code to attach to blogs so you can attach your video to a blog!

We all played around for quite a while with PhotoShow by A good competitor to PhotoStory 3 because it permits you to add all kinds of neat animation gizmos to your slideshow!

Yvonne Marie Andres shared some amazing tools to support global collaborative learning projects. Besides the many online tools she showcased, she also presented some important strategies for conducting these projects successfully.

First she said it was very important to establish from the outset which tools would be used to support the project and to test the tools beforehand to be certain that they work in the school contexts. This I learned the hard way this past year!

She discusses the convergence of knowledge about project-based learning and the availability and accessibility of the Internet. Once again, she mentioned the very successful collaborative project between the school in San Diego and the school in Ghana (who did not have direct Internet access but had to work through an Internet cafe).

The whole science of collaboration is growing and is being highlighted as an important skill for our students.

0 thoughts on “NECC Workshop: Show Me the Tools (Speed Learning)

  1. Lukas Manning says:

    I attended this workshop too. It was the best thing I did at NECC.

    These guys deserve an award.

    I really liked their new IPOPP tool for finding projects and partners.

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