Images from Kenya (TWBC09)

I am using some of our precious bandwidth to share some of my favourite photos from Kenya so far! More to come when I can.

Tomorrow we begin our workshops for fifty local teachers from about fifteen schools in the Mbita area on the shores of Lake Victoria. This region faces the greatest incidence of HIV-AIDS infection in Eastern Africa with an infection rate of up to 40%. The consequences from this are devastating for every sector in the community.

3 thoughts on “Images from Kenya (TWBC09)

  1. Sharon – good to hear from you and thanks for spending your bandwidth sharing what’s going on. All the best with the next set of workshops.

  2. karumba benson says:

    iam very happy to have participated in your seminar at gilgil utumishi academy .AS teacher learder i have learned alot that will not only help me in suppervising curriculum but i also improve my teaching and assesment method. hope next year more teacher will be involved THANKS

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