2007 – An Audible Gasp!

With less than two hours to go, I have decided to finally put the year of 2007 in review.

It was the year my oldest child started university. She graduated with honours from the Pre-U programme (gr. 12 equivalency) at Lower Canada College and accepted a scholarship for neuroscience at Brock University (where she continues to flourish academically).

Enough said? Well, maybe not….

It was the year that I left the best teaching job I had ever had (or hoped to have), also at Lower Canada College, in order to pursue a job offer at LEARN. I am still wondering why there was an audible gasp in the audience of my colleagues when this was announced? Did I miss something?

I have learnt a lot from my colleagues at LEARN and have also appreciated the distinct differences in our education programme from those elsewhere. In my opinion, we do have the most progressive education programme in the world – even if we do not currently implement it particularly well. I have greatly enjoyed my work there and the potential for the future. Thanks to those with whom I work – we are doing great stuff for the students of Quebec. Kudos for you for going forward!

The year of 2007 was the year that I presented quite a few sessions or workshops at a different variety of conferences in North America. A personal best. I suppose. It was a privilege probably not to be repeated.

It was the year of twitter and skype. I have met some terrific people whom I greatly admire through these applications.

It was the year I decided NOT to apply for my EdD or PhD. Just not the right timing.

This year in February, I met Cheryl Oakes at her beautiful mountain house in Maine where I surprised her by taking up her offer to come and ski (she is a mere four hours from me in Montreal, but I bungled it, got lost and took closer than 10 hours to reach her – I have since acquired a GPS unit!!).

It was a great year for WOW2 – almost every week we had such an amazing guest or set of guests from whom I learned so much. A special thanks to each of you who accepted our invitation – we had fantastic conversations and so many benefited from your wisdom and experience. My particular thanks to my fabulous co-hosts Jen Wagner, Cheryl Oakes and Vicki Davis. Our differences complement our strengths. Each of you are amazing women I have admired and appreciated! What a privilege it has been to work, learn, and laugh with each one of you!

The year of 2007 was the year I realized how important, very, very important, face-to-face meetings were. The NECC Bloggers’ CafĂ© really drove this home. It was amazing to meet so many of you face-to-face and have that connection through body and eye language. The BLC conference in Boston, just a few weeks later, also reinforced that notion. It was there that I *really* connected with DJakes, DKuropatwa, DShareski and JValenza – so great to meet each one of you.

It was a year where I came to value my relationships abroad – but more so for having met you f2f. I was able to ask questions, deep questions and I want to continue that!

This past year I came to value my students – really, truly appreciate them. WOW! You have amazed me, dazzled me, and I continue to brag about you far and wide by showing off the stuff you were able to accomplish last year! I miss you!

What a year! I can’t say that I have had a year like it. Thanks to all of you for teaching me, listening to me, advising me, laughing and just *being* with me. I am so privileged to have you as friends!

My New Year’s Resolution for 2008 – Go Deep and explore how online learning spaces benefit learners. Cya there!

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