Eight Random Things Meme Tag

It’s happened again…. blog tagging is back. I was tagged by Charlene Chausis, who I met at NECC earlier this summer. Congrats, again, Charlene on your award!

Here are the Rules:

  • Post these rules before you give your facts
  • List 8 random facts about yourself
  • At the end of your post, choose (tag) 8 people and list their names, linking to them
  • Leave a comment on their blog, letting them know theyโ€™ve been tagged.

Random Facts About Me:

  1. I used instant messaging as early as 1987 when I worked at a computer centre on a university campus.
  2. My husband asked me out on our first date over email…. in 1987.
  3. My dream car would have standard transmission, not automatic.
  4. I love peanut butter and chocolate ice cream.
  5. My favourite number is 7 (and does not appear in any of my passwords! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. I like to read murder mystery novels as brain candy.
  7. My 60 GB ipod has only 175 songs on it (my kids are disgusted with me!).
  8. In spite of being a proud Canadian, I really don’t like winter.

Phew! There!

And now, for eight poor blogging souls, I choose Reuven Werber, Chris Betcher, Graham Wegner
, Cheryl Oakes, Vince Jansen, Jeff Whipple and Meg Peters (is it considered cheating when you use your own daughter??).

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7 thoughts on “Eight Random Things Meme Tag

  1. I’m with you on #8, a proud Canadian not too fond of winter. Although, as we’re dying in the heat here in Florida waiting for the launch of Space Shuttle Endeavor later today, I’m starting to rethink the winter part.

  2. I’m sorry but I’ve already been tagged by another Canadian earlier (Dean Shareski) and responded – another random 8 facts from me might halve my already dwindling readership! I’m seeing a real increase in the speed in which these memes are propogating – tipping points in action? But thanks for thinking of me…

  3. Hi Sharon, Nice try, but I got tagged a few days ago and have already passed them on. ๐Ÿ™‚ I tried to tag people who wouldn’t expect it, hence the reason I didn’t send it to you… figured you’d get “hit on” eventually anyway. Hehe

  4. Gregg Sinner says:

    A good friend told me I could learn a lot about web 2.0 SaaS as a learning and teaching tool if I googled “Sharon Peters” so I did and here I am. I work in secondary school redesign as a former high school science teacher and principal, and am currently employed part-time by Brown University. I live in rural central MA with my wife, two dogs and a parrot (and my motorcycle). I am on dial-up and wireless, but have no broadband access at home. How do I get started? I created 8 random things about myself, but I don’t know what to do with the list. Sorry if I interrupted the flow here…. Thanks, Gregg

  5. Thanks Gregg, for sharing your interest in web 2.0 (and I was flattered by the referral by a friend too). You sound as if you have had a solid and interesting career in education – these are exciting times to be an educator! Web 2.0 is really about using the tools of the interactive Internet in order to make connections and relationships between others. The quality of the experience, I am convinced, is dependent on the quality of the networks that one is able to create. There are a number of great places to “get in on” the network of educators who are innovative users of these tools. Check out http://classroom20.ning.com/ as a social network of educators from around the world who are connecting and sharing. It is there where you can easily set up your own blog (where you can post your 8 random things – I will even tag you!). Don’t be too hung up on the fact that you have dial-up access, many of the web 2.0 tools are not necessarily “heavy”. I would also recommend using a rss feeder (I use Google Reader) to subscribe to the blogs of other teachers. Once you start reading a few really good edubloggers, you will find even more. Also, don’t be afraid to comment on a blog (like you have done here!). It is a great way to continue the conversation. And of course you are always very welcome to join us live for our Women of Web 2.0 webcast shows (like a live radio talk show) – starting back on Aug. 21, we will host programmes with great guests on different topics of education. Cheers, Sharon

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