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I am seeing a recurring theme here at BLC. In the last month before I left school, I said something very radical, but what made a lot of sense to me. I have becoming convinced that we should be putting all our students’ products and projects online. Everything. Essays, multimedia projects, photos of that which could not be made digital. I got some strange looks from the senior administrators, although no one responded.

And so here I am listening to stellar presenters from around the world who are demonstrating best practices and showing amazing student work – all posted online. What are they using? Flickr, youtube, meebo, podcastpeople, the list goes on. The value of sharing online is now becoming widely recognized. However, I would say we are not yet at a critical mass.

More session reports:

Bob Sprankle – Podcasting with Purpose – (audio-recorded)

Benefits for Writing (podcasts)

Students Decide
Peer Teaching
Guiding Questions from Teacher
Team Writing Benefits

Research Skills
Teaching Others

Purpose to work – Podcasting creates purpose – relevance, audience

(So the wind won’t blow it away) creates artifacts to return to

podcasts can be part of living portfolio

writing for a global audience

George Lucas says we have to do away with learning in isolation

information literacy, relevant learning, global communication

Great to hear Cheryl Oakes’ voice during this presentation = great interview with real elementary students!

self-directed learning – students are very self-aware.

These teachers have let go of the control of their class and their students and permitted students to create their own ideas for podcasts –

Bob mentions – A whole new mind – mentions the importance of “design” – podcasting fits this need

He also mentions The Book of Learning and Forgetting – now on my book list.

We learn from the company we keep – quote from book.

What podcasts are we listening to? What blogs are we reading?

Teachers and learners become information artisans – DAve Warlick

Bob says that artisans today are the blog writers

Bob describes the instance of his class with the wikipedia lesson that Dave Warlick shows off at a presentation/blog – someone challenged the lesson – students respond – the process is iterative

The Medium is the Message – how podcasting has changed us – more personal

digital world – two kinds of people – producers and consumers – power will go to producers – quote from an adult visitor to room 208

Data – does the data show learning gains? Watch what they are doing – when they are teaching what they ahve learned – they are showing that something is happening.

Ewan McIntosh – Is your public body public? (audio-recorded)

identity 2.0??

The kind of spaces we have:

Secret Spaces – Mobile sms im

Group Spaces – beebo, facebook, tagged

Publishing Spaces – livejournal, blogger,flickr, phtobucket

Performing space – secondlife, world of warcraft, f2f in school

Participation Space – marches, meetings, markets, conferences

Watching Spaces – television, gigs, theatre, youtube

how implicit or explicit is your digital life?

(forced to write this) things I like:

citrus scents, summer days, a clean house, driving along the lake

Things I don’t like:

being late, paying bills, running out of milk for coffee

I work on creating curriculum and sharing ideas with educators – I also look after the needs of three teenagers and a busy household.

viral success cannot be planned

fear: always loathing?? – school 2.0 not happening because educators are afraid of trying it out –

love the fear, don’t loathe the fear

overplanning – room for serendipity, are you allowed and able to fail?

do you allow students, teachers to make mistakes??

why bother?? 2007 – this is the year that 16 year olds were born in teh same year as the web browser

are we ready for this? something has changed, we have to change

Will ICT have any impact – where has it made the biggest impact?

emerging technologies make the biggest impact – IWB’s has less impact on than when implemented 5 years ago

word count of – CDs = 0

emerging practieces – ways to share it all – make the biggest impact

ways to share it all – ie blogs??

don’t incriminate yourself – just don’t speak

take the 5th amendment – influence of the blog

bloggers are flattening out

wikis – another way for teachers to share it all

shares a wiki with what teachers created best practice guidelines for staff blogs

blogs are conversations – so converse!

who do you consult? roman army or wirearchy

track them – see what people are saying about, your conference, your org

finding bottom-up culture; losing permissions-based culture

don’t do a me-too! look at your own cultural context, why they don’t accept the way things are (for me – what is it about Québec? )

do you want everyone to blog? why? examine why you want these tools

he likes very social public body

opens doors to a communicative body – a connected public body

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