Revisiting NECC 2007

Many of you are aware that my life has been choc-a-bloc full of activities in the last few weeks. Not only did I go through those crazy last few weeks of classes and exams with two parents in hospital (hundreds of miles away), present at NECC on three occasions, and start a new job, but I also had the awesome task of arranging and hosting a family reunion for my husband’s family (15 kids, 10 adults) – none of whom are local to us, but traveled from such diverse places as Ireland and Dubai. We are now all at the resort town of Mont Tremblant in the Laurentian mountains of Québec and I can catch my breath for a moment or two.

I just now FINALLY uploaded my photos from NECC 2007 to Flickr and what special memories they brought back!

Here is a collection of some of them:

Karl Fisch - Did You Know He Was a Best Buy? NECC 2007

At Best Buy - Two Canadians for the Price of One!  NECC 2007

Jen Wagner a Best Buy at NECC 2007!

NECC Poster Presentation - From Jerusalem to Montreal

LEARN poster presentation

Sharon and Jeff Utecht at Bloggers' Café  NECC 2007

WOW2 Webcasting at NECC 2007

Audience members at WOW2 Webcast - NECC 2007

WOW2 Webcast audience members

Women of Web 2.0 Presentation at NECC 2007

Jen Wagner and Dave Warlick

WOW2 Webcast - with Chris Walsh

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