NECC 2007 – First Report – Edubloggercon and Advanced Blogging

Costa Rica!I was only very briefly able to get the edubloggercon yesterday at the Georgia International Convention Centre. However, from what I saw, it was like a distilled version of NECC itself with all kinds of people whose blogs and activities I have been following for the past year. It was especially exciting to meet so many of our WOW2 webcast guests face-to-face!

Last night a few of us had dinner on the revolving restaurant at the very top of the Westin. Terry Freedman, editor of Coming of Age, Cheryl Oakes, Julie Lindsay, Vicki Davis, Kathleen Malsbenden, Vince Jansen and Deb Barrows were those amongst our group and the conversation, as you can imagine, was rich and full of laughter. What a thrill and privilege to hang out with such an incredible group of educators.

Now I am at Dave Warlick‘s fantastic all-day workshop on Advanced Blogging (all right, true confession – he is making us do this blog entry as an assignment!). Already I am picking up some great ideas and resources! To benefit from the wealth of resources collaboratively made available to us, you can visit the workshop wiki.

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