Project Awards and Big Changes

I am so thrilled to announce that my students have captured TWO awards for their contributions to collaborative online projects with global partners.

Two weeks ago, I learned that our entry for the Global Virtual Classroom website design contest, Immortals and Heroes of the World had been awarded the second place silver award for outstanding website design. My grade 7 students were absolutely delighted by their recognition for work well done. We had terrific partners at Percy Julian Middle School in Oak Park, Illinois (Janet Barnstable – teacher) and Santan Junior High School in Chandler, Arizona (Shaun Creighton – teacher).

Yesterday, I received word that my grade nine students’ international collaborative literature project, From Jerusalem to Montréal, was awarded second place for the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) (Special Interest Group – Telelearning) Online Learning Award. My partners for that project (not quite finished) are Karen Guth and for the fourth consecutive year, my very good friend, Reuven Werber.

Students in my English class have been participating in this international collaborative literature exchange with students at Neveh Channah School in Israel since last October. They have shared literature about Montréal to the Israeli students while also studying some literature based on Jerusalem. The LCC students were also asked to perform peer reviews on the research projects by the Israeli students. Videos and personal reflections about the literature were also exchanged.

This project will be on display at the upcoming National Educational Computing Conference in Atlanta at the end of June.

My students have worked very hard on these projects and I am so proud of them.

I am pleased to share that the first place award for the ISTE Online Learning Award goes to the very deserving Flat Classroom Project headed up by Julie Lindsay and Vicki Davis. Congratulations to both of them and their students! Well done!

These awards have come at an important moment in my career as I have had to make a very difficult decision to leave my current teaching position at Lower Canada College (the best school in the world) and accept a position with LEARN Québec, an educational foundation associated with the ministry of education here in Québec. While I am very sad to leave behind my wonderful, amazing students, I am excited with the potential of my new job at LEARN.

More to come on that later….

3 thoughts on “Project Awards and Big Changes

  1. Sharon these awards speak to the great and collaborative work you are able to lead. Your skills will be missed at Lower Canada College, but your connection to LEARN Québec will expand the horizons of all the students and teachers you come in contact with!

  2. Congratulations to you and your students on these collaborative work awards. It is recognition that is well deserved! Congratulations on your change of path in your career too! I’m am sure that no matter what you do or where you go, students, and educators all over the world will benefit! Look forward to hearing more about LEARN Quebec!

  3. Congratulations Sharon! Very well deserved awards indeed. Your new career sounds exciting. I believe change is good and that new doors opening bring new ideas and inspiration. Thanks also for mentioning our Flat Classroom Project. We are still pinching ourselves!

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