Update on WOW2 Webcasts

Last week, we were thrilled when George Siemens came along with us on our webcast to discuss connectivism. The podcast is now available at podomatic. I am still cogitating actively on some of the discussions generated from the show. And tomorrow night, some of my colleagues and I will be discussing how to develop skills in our students in an age of connectivism.

Today I met with Scott Morrison, a teacher from Selwyn House just down the road from my school, to collaborate together on a conference presentation we will be making at the Quebec Association of Independent Schools Symposium next week. Our session is titled “The Three C’s of the Interactive Internet – Content, Construction and Collaboration” and we will be using a wiki as our shell for information and links. Scott and I plan to pose questions about web 2.0 (what is it? Why is it important for teachers to know about? What are some pedagogical practices? What are the dangers?) and present our viewpoints (at times odds with each other) in our presentation. Next week, I can share the wiki we create with you – right now, it is a work in progress. I like the idea because it demonstrates the power of collaboration and negotiation as we grope for meaning and understanding.

Tomorrow night, we have an exciting and potentially controversial theme for our WOW2 webcast – the Potential of Virtual Worlds for Teaching. Our guests are Beth Ritter-Guth is a pioneer who is teaching literature in Second Life (SL), and Dr. Allan Webb who is the founder of literaryworlds.org. This is the very new, cutting edge frontier of education and the topic should certainly provide lively conversation in the chat room.

I have visited SL a few times (my SL avatar name is Heloise Chevalier), but as I really don’t have even enough time for my first life, I am not sufficiently interested to invest a good deal of time in SL. Perhaps if I were to be convinced of the educational potential, I would be tempted to make that investment. I have been invited to a few teachers’ gatherings and meetings and will likely follow up on those invitations soon as I always relish the opportunity to meet educators from around the world.

Join us tomorrow night at our webcast and learn more about virtual worlds and their potential for education!

2 thoughts on “Update on WOW2 Webcasts

  1. Sharon, I just love reading your blog, you say things so succiently and it helps to put things in my long term memory.!!! That is a great thing. I too look forward to a time when SL can host educators in meaningful and different ways to dialogue.


  2. Sharon, The few times that I have listened to your podcast I have really enjoyed it. Thank you very much for taking the time to help create this. I agree it would be incredible to be able to have something like your podcast in SL. I am just getting used to the milieu myself.

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