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Our school enjoyed a long weekend and it was much needed for me as I was juggling a great deal of extracurricular activities, my regular teaching duties, and the Connectivism Conference last week. Phew!

LCC Blogs

The four students who are on exchange to schools in Melbourne, Australia arrived safely and, to my great delight, are using the blog that was created for them to chronicle their adventures. My 14 year old daughter is good friends with the students and she noted how much of their personal voice was evident in their sharing of the same events and experiences. I found their writing skills to be solid, informative, and much more forthcoming than some of their “academic” assignments. One more piece of evidence, at least to me, that writing for an authentic audience increases student motivation to produce better quality and quantity of writing.

Please drop by their blog and leave them a comment – it would be such an encouragement to them!

I am hoping to use their blog posts as learning opportunities for the rest of the students in the class. Some questions I would like to ask – how would headings help the reader? Should they have broken up the text into smaller paragraphs? What questions or issues does the writer leave with the reader? What is an appropriate response for a comment?

Looking Forward to the 2007 IOC

Tomorrow, the 2007 Illinois Online Conference begins and I am going to find it interesting to compare it with the Connectivism Conference of last week (also online – both using Elluminate as a conference-sharing environment). The sessions I am very interested in attending are noted on my Google Calendar and mostly have to do with web 2.0 tools or Second Life. I was very interested to see that two sessions about educational uses for SL are offered; one of them is about how to create educational objects in SL to share with a class – wow! Can’t wait for that one!

Second Life generated a huge amount of interest (serendipitously and perhaps unanticipated by George Siemens) during the Connectivism Conference. Unfortunately, my schedule did not permit to join any of the self-organized groups which toured SL.

My own presentation for IOC takes place at 14:00 (2 PM) EST on Friday. The presentation is about how social networks, through the use of web 2.0 tools, are being used to foster and promote professional growth.

Survey Measuring Educators’ Uses of Web 2.0 Tools for Professional Growth

I created a survey to measure the kinds of web 2.0 tools educators are using for this purpose.

If you have a minute or two, could you please help me out and take the survey? I intend to present the results as part of my presentation on Friday.

Click here to take survey

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