Real student-created video documents war and rebuilding in Israel after second Lebanon war last summer

My good friend and collaborative partner Reuven Werber has shared with me a video (hosted on google video) that students from Neveh Channah School have created to document real life experiences of the war between Israel and Lebanon last summer. It is an excellent example of student-driven documentation of an international event.

Students Tova Wasser, Gabi Jacobs, and Temima Lehrman (video-editor) initiated the student video documentary all by themselves. It was their desire to take a bus and travel three hours from their own homes in Etzion Bloc to Bar Yochai (see map below) in order to interview a few of the residents for information about what it was like to experience the war. It was also their desire to show the missile damage and faithful rebuilding of the Upper Galilee settlement.
They now have a global audience! Think about the learning that the video represents! Teachers and students can now use this video as an educational tool themselves to understand the power of the media and journalism for controversial events.

I recall watching (with a certain amount of horror) the war from my television screen through the months of July and August of 2006. In spite of the “openness” and instaneity of the press coverage, instances of propaganda abounded.

This was clearly an issue that touched these girls deeply. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Bar Yochai

2 thoughts on “Real student-created video documents war and rebuilding in Israel after second Lebanon war last summer

  1. Tamar Bruck says:

    Well done. The authentic interviews were touching, exposing the real life experiences of peoples lives as they were interrupted one summer day. The girls portray both the beauty and the wildness of Bar Yochai, giving the viewer a close up look at the feelings of these settlers.
    Well Done!

  2. Adele Raemer says:

    A wonderful example of how learners can use technology and English in an authentic manner to learn – and demonstrate their abilities. Another excellent educational product coming out of Neveh Channa. They are obviously doing something right! Keep upi the good work!

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