Web 2.0 made me happy today

It was a very connected kind of day for me.

My first happy moment took place when I was able to “catch” the live audio stream over at WorldBridge’s Webcast Academy earlier today. I can do live internet audio streaming! This used to be called “radio”! I now have access to a channel for my very own live Internet broadcasts! The potential for use of this with my students is huge!

Webcast Academy is a free six-week course for webcasting live Internet audio shows and they provide channels for one to use for this purpose. It is a great example of a free course that provides anytime/anywhere training at one’s own level of expertise.

One also records the audio show at the same time so it can be offered as a podcast later (after editing).

Today, I finally spent some time editing a recorded discussion from last week with Shaun Creighton, one of my partners for the Global Virtual Classroom Web Design contest, in which about 38 of my students are participating. It was a happy moment for me to finally post the podcast over at my space at podomatic and share it with others. It is an awesome example of a project where students from three different schools and geographical locations are collaborating to create an educational website. They are using a wiki to host a great deal of their collaborative efforts. We have visions for the use of video and audio segments to augment our site.

Two sets of my students used skype this week to communicate with partners in other locations. The students are so excited to be chatting with peers from other schools. They are already begging to have other such meetings! I was able to record some of the audio and the students have really enjoyed listening to it.

I chatted online with many people today, but another happy moment was when Chris Harbeck passed on this amazing video from youtube that shows the web 2.0 “message”. While I thoroughly enjoyed it and “got” the message, I am not sure that anyone but technogeeks like me would completely appreciate it. It can be used for educational purposes, I am sure, if it were integrated properly into a lesson. Chris does a much better job describing it on his blog!

And a great big happy moment – earlier today, I posted about a blog I had created for my students as they traveled to Australia for a student exchange. Within just a little while, dear Jo McLeay, from Melbourne, left a comment for one of the students on the blog! The power of rss feeds! Thank you so much, Jo!

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One thought on “Web 2.0 made me happy today

  1. I still am amazed at the “family” aspect of the 2.0 network. We are always there for each other. With in minutes of my posting of the video 2 more of my bloglines feeds also posted the video!

    Keep pushing your limits to set new goals and see where you are a year from now. Do you remember where you were a year ago. Isn’t it amazing how time flies and how we change in the blogosphere.

    A year from now…… I can’t think that far but it will be a great journey getting there.


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