Web 2.0 integration and New Issues with AUP

Filed Under (Education) by Administrator on 14-01-2007

Last week, like many of my peeps (my affectionate term for those in my personal learning network), I had the opportunity to provide a workshop or two on web 2.0 tools. I provided a brief presentation on podcasts and on wikis in the classroom. My deepest thanks to those who gave me some awesome resources to highlight during my presentations!

I was very encouraged by the responses of the teachers for whom most of this was quite new. We have the infrastructure and tools in our school to make using podcasts and wikis very easy, so it is my hope they will try to take some small steps at trying them out.

Later in the week, two teachers unexpectedly approached me about using moodle in the classroom. I was thrilled!

The BIG issue our administration is currently facing is how to adapt our current Acceptable Use Policy to reflect the changes that have taken place on the Internet. Just as TIME magazine so clearly showed us a few weeks ago, ANYONE can now upload content onto the web. And with social tagging, it is now even easier to have a truly global audience to whatever is posted.

How do educators and administrators go about setting a policy regarding such services as YouTube, Google Video, Podomatic, and Flickr?

Fortunately, I have heard that the administration at my school does not want to just simply block these services on the campus, but would like our teachers to be able to use them for educational purposes (as I intend to do this term).

Vicki Davis and I had a skype chat about this recently. I had approached her to ask how they had handled this issue for the Flat Classroom Project.

Together we have started a wiki to discuss these issues. If you are an educator, please help us out! We would like to know what your school is doing about its Acceptable Use Policy and if you have any suggestions for us.

I intend to return to my own students and see what they have to think about it. In a conversation I had with Terry Freedman and Drew Buddie the other night, Drew described how he had taken the issue to the students and they drew up a wiki with their suggestions.

What a great way for students to take ownership of the policy!

Do you have any thoughts on this issue?


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