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A week ago, I discovered that I had been tagged and shared five items my readers may have not known about me.

Tagging five more bloggers was even more fun! And now, all but one of them has responded.

Jen Wagner, one of my partners in Women of Web 2.0, was the first to realize she had been tagged . She was also popular – at least one other blogger tagged her.

I had to nudge Chris Betcher – who, like me, was just figgering out this social tagging thing. He has had a very interesting life!

Terry Freedman called me a cruel, unkind woman (sticks and stones) for leaving a comment on Dave Warlick’s blog about waiting to see how long before he would notice. Terry was a popular guy – three people tagged him! Maybe he was pretending not to notice to see how many people would tag him…. nah, not Terry.

Cheryl Oakes, another one of my partners in Women of Web 2.0, was the last to find out, but she had a good reason – she was up on the mountain skiiing for ten days – lucky her!

My fourteen year old daughter, Meg, was the fifth person I tagged. She is a myspace blogger. She said she felt uncomfortable sharing things personally about herself and couldn’t think of anything.

So I thought I would share five interesting things about Meg, my middle child.

#1 Meg is short for Margaret.

Not Megan. The name Margaret is a family name – two grandmothers, one on each side.

#2 Meg wrote her first book when she is was in grade five.

She loves to write fiction. Unfortunately, she lost the many pages she wrote, and proceeded to write a second book. Meg is also an avid reader. Makes her English teacher-mom proud!

#3 Meg once had waist-length blonde hair.

When she was 12 years old, Meg had her hair cut very short so that she could give her hair to Locks of Love, an organization that takes hair donations to make wigs for children who are cancer victims. She did all the research, all the footwork and even packaged up her hair all by herself.

#4 Meg has been posting her own poetry online for over a year now.

She has always been my most computer-savvy and Internet-savvy child. Meg had been posting her writing on Fictionpress for months before she told me. She represents the thousands of young teens who have discovered online social spaces. To her credit, she is very careful with what information she shares about herself online.

#5 Meg has maade the choice to become a vegan.

Meg cooks most of her own meals. She has made responsible choices so far with her diet. In fact, I would say she has made better nutritional choices since she has made the choice for a vegan lifestyle.

So there you are – some interesting facts about my daughter Meg. As you can see, I am very proud of her.

She will have to choose her next five victims all by herself!

2 thoughts on “Update on Blog Tag

  1. Well…. this was… unexpected. Thanks mom. I have to say that I’m not “uncomfortable” I just have many friends and they know too much about me to not know about the things you posted. For instance, the fact that I’m a vegan is the most widely known thing about me…

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