How Web 2.0 has brought my family closer together

Because we have been thrown together for hours at a time – most unusual in our family situation with THREE teens – this holiday season was a fascinating study in how web 2.0 technology is changing how families relate to each other.

For example, we have watched very little television – or even DVDs – in our family room together over the last two weeks. Astonishing!

Instead, we have been showing each other REALLY fun stuff on youtube or google video. We have played Internet games together. My daughters have been sharing music from bands on myspace with me. Some of it is surprisingly good!

Entire episodes of our fave television shows can now be found on the Internet. Current box office movies can also be easily found on the Internet.

Here are some of my faves from youtube:

Okay Go

Barat’s and Berata – Mother’s Day (I just about died laughing!)

Just Wonderful

Budweiser – The Ferret Posed Nude

Baby Got Book

How can one go back to television after watching such really fun “amateur” films?

I think youtube has amazing potential for educational applications! We teachers have to give a videocamera to our students and see what they come up with!

What are YOUR favourite youtube movies? Please share!

One thought on “How Web 2.0 has brought my family closer together

  1. Yes, I think if I were in the TV business I would be starting to feel a little nervous about all this “long tail” stuff. We still have a way to go before TV is unseated from its throne as media top-dog, but the signs are there that change is happening.
    I was asked to participate in a media survey recently (how much TV and radio I was exposed to, etc) and it really stunned me when I sat down and worked out the tiny number of hours that I watch TV, the almost non-existent radio I listen to, and the minimal time I spend looking through real newspapers. In contrast, even I was shocked at the number of hours I would spend watching, listening, reading, and, importantly, CONTRIBUTING, to the web. My web hours outnumbered traditional media by at least 15:1. No wonder TV is trying every desperate trick it can think of to keep viewers from straying!
    This phenomenon really is the thin edge of the wedge. As the digital native grow up, I think traditional media is in for a rocky ride!
    Thanks for sharing your holiday story with us Sharon…

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