Reflections on the year and the WorldBridges Webcastathon

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It is my birthday today and because it is also so close to the year’s end, I have been quite reflective of the events of the year.

First, a reminder about the upcoming webcastathon.

The WorldBridges’ New Year Webcastathon begins tonight, Friday, at 9pm EST and will continue on until Monday at 6pm EST.

I will certainly check it out throughout the weekend – WorldBridges has provided an environment for some of the best learning opportunities I have had this year.

Since I have finished the course work for my graduate degree, I have missed the engaging discourse and opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded teachers who use technology as a tool in the classroom. EdTechTalk has met that need while also providing a terrific community of support. And it doesn’t end when the term is finished!

In a recent conversation with Dave Cormier (of ETT and WB), I realized that this had been a year of emancipation for me – freedom from relying on my school or school system to provide the means and support to my professional growth.

It was also the year that I made a conscious decision to “go global”. I have had the privilege of having some terrific mentors who encouraged me, listened to my rants, gave me good counsel, and provided me with vision when those in my immediate situation would not or could not. When I look back on 2006, I am amazed – the calibre of my peers is incredibly high and I feel so blessed to call many of them friends. I am thankful.

What a great way to end off a year! The coming year already seems so full of potential.

I have agreed to do quite a lot of reading and reviewing in the coming weeks – will have a good deal to post soon about A Whole New Mind (by Daniel Pink), Knowing Knowledge (by George Siemens), and couple of articles by Terry Freedman, “Go On, Bore Them: How to Make ICT Lessons Excruciatingly Dull” and “Every Child Matters – What it Means for the ICT Teacher”.

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One thought on “Reflections on the year and the WorldBridges Webcastathon

  1. Hi Sharon,

    Happy Belated Birthday!

    It’s been great getting to know you through WOW2.0. I know what you mean about liberating your learning. I spend so much time learning outside of my school time. The trick for me is how to bring that back to my colleagues. Not a small task, but we’re on the way.

    Congrats on the Masters!

    Happy New Year!

    – Alex

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