“7 (Boring) Things About Me” Meme

Okay, Alec Couros tagged me, so now I have to share 7 boring things you wish you never knew about me… or something like that….

1. I love cheese. I never truly discovered this about myself until I was in Africa and craved it. Because I live in Montreal, I have access to amazing cheeses – Oka, Brie Bleu, Spiced Gouda… mmmm

2. I have never tried any illicit drugs. Never. Most would say I had a very boring adolescence!

3. I was on my Reach for the Top team in school. Some might have called me a nerd. 🙂

4. My husband and I exchanged Elizabethan sonnets when we were dating. He is actually a pretty good poet for an engineer!

5. My favourite Shakespearean play is “The Tempest”. I like the deeper questions of life that are explored.

6. My undergraduate honours paper was an examination of Heloise‘s epistolary style in her letters to Abelard. I like to think of her as a medieval feminist.

7. My only spiritual experience that is at all like what Alec describes in his 7 things meme post was when I was in a dentist’s chair under the influence of whatever drug they used to give to patients. No lives were saved… no message from a dead relative…. but I was quite embarrassed. Enough said.

Now I have to tag seven others:

Konrad Glogowski (nah, he’ll never do it!)
Cheri Toledo
Doug Peterson
Peggy George
Terry Freedman
John Schinker
Jen Wagner

Have fun and Happy New Year!