Interview with Elana Langer of OLPC

Yesterday I had the great privilege of capturing a conversation I was having with Elana Langer about her involvement in the One Laptop Per Child program by the MIT lab. This is grassroots broadcasting at its best – done quietly in a friend’s pantry because another live webcast was being videotaped in the living room and we can hear Dave Cormier’s toddler son, Oscar, getting grumpy before lunch time.

Elana is an instructor at SUNY in New York and is also the videographer documenting the Living Archives Project in Prince Edward Island. A few months ago she began work with the OLPC at the invitation of David Cavallo. She describes a bit of her own thesis work with him.

Elana mentions the new Get One/Give One program from OLPC. Guess what is top of my Christmas wish list? 😉

My iPod hard drive that captured the conversation was spinning for some reason during the capture, so I apologize for the annoying whining noise in the background. If anyone has suggestions on what to do about that, please let me know!
Download Interview with Elana Langer of OLPC

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